Request for Proposals

Managed Network Services (pdf)

  1. How many employees would be supported?
    • Up to 7 at any given time.
  2. Data backups - how much data is currently being backed up?
    • Just under 700 GB
  3. Are you willing to change to a different A/V (anti-virus) solution?
    • Probably, depends on the replacement
  4. How aged is your Fortinet Firewall? Are you open to changing to a different solution?
    • Bought around 12/2012. We might consider replacing it if necessary, but that is not in the budget for at least a year.
  5. Disaster Recovery Services are mentioned in the RFP. Different people define that term, differently. What does OTO mean by Disaster Recovery? (a) instant recovery; (b) Onsite/offsite; (c) planning/review?
    • Maybe not planning as much as getting us working again after a disaster, which may include an off-site location or dispersed locations.
  6. How much off-site backup storage do you need? Or in another way, how much total disk space do you have on your server and how much is used/free?
    • 700 GB off-site backup currently. 1.81 TB available on server and 1.24 Tb is being used. Onsite NAS has 4.59 free out of 10.4 TB.
  7. Is it possible to stop by and look at your equipment? I'd like to get a feel for the approximate age of your equipment.
    • We have a 3 year rotation on workstations and 2 of the workstations get the 2nd round in the rotation (the intern and conference room workstations). The server was purchased in 2014. Yes you can come by. Please call to arrange a time.
  8. You specify you are using Webroot Secure Anywhere Endpoint Protection, but you don't ask for a price on the proposal worksheet. Our pricing includes this, do I need to break it out somehow?
    • This doesn't need to be broken out. It can either be explained under notes or on an attached sheet.
  9. Are you looking for all-inclusive pricing that includes the onsite support in the monthly fixed rate or a lower monthly that would bill at an additional onsite contracted rate as the need arises? The reason for the question is we have two support models and I want make sure we bid the proper pricing model and that it is line with the other vendors responses. I don’t see that specified in the RFP I hope I didn’t overlook it at least.
    • We are looking for all-inclusive pricing.

Request for Qualifications

None at this time.

Invitation to Bid

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Federal Transit Administration (FTA) Contract Language (pdf)