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Priority Projects of Regional Significance
These projects are all part of the National Highway and State of Missouri System. Each Roadway is classified as an arterial or above on the OTO Major Thoroughfare Plan, is an integral part of the regional transportation system, and is eligible for federal and state funding.

Capacity Improvements to U.S. 65:
Widening from Chestnut Expressway to Sunshine
Widening from Sunshine to U.S. 60 (James River Freeway)
Widening from I-44 to Chestnut Expressway
Widening from U.S. 60 to State Route CC
Widening from State Route CC to South Street (Route F) in Ozark
Interchange improvements along U.S. 65 as needed

Capacity Improvements to Hwy 14 through Ozark (including Bus. 65 in Ozark) to future North/South Corridor in Nixa:
Project would need to be phased

Route MM:
Proposed Capacity Improvements to Route MM from U.S. 60 in Republic to Interstate 44

Route 66 Trail:
Trail and On-Street Bicycle and Pedestrian Accommodations

The Creeks Trail:
Downtown Springfield to Downtown Republic via the Jordan Creek/Wilson's Creek/Shuyler Creek Trails and on-street routes as needed

Capacity and safety improvements to US 60 (James River Freeway) from West Bypass to State Highway 125:
Campbell Avenue interchange
National Avenue interchange
Other interchange improvements along Route 60 as needed
Upgrade to six lane facility from West Bypass (Route FF/U.S. 160) to U.S. 65
Upgrade to freeway from U.S. 65 to State Highway 125

Capacity and safety enhancing improvements to U.S. 160 (West Bypass) from the I-44 interchange to Jackson Street in Willard:
Jackson Street and 160 intersection
Other intersection improvements on US 160 as needed
Other capacity improvements to be defined

Capacity enhancing improvements to U.S. 160 (Campbell Avenue) from the U.S. 60 interchange to State Highway 14 in Nixa:
Weaver and 160 intersection
Improved arterial management
Other intersection improvements between Springfield and Nixa as needed

Regional Arterial Traffic Flow Management System
(Intelligent Transportation System):

New Traffic Management Center
Ongoing arterial operations and management
Enhanced signal operation communication
Other improvements to be defined

Statewide Priorities
Upgrade I-44 to a six-lane facility from U.S. 360 to Route 125
Capacity improvements to U.S. 60 from Republic to Monett

Priorities on Deck
Capacity improvements to U.S. 160 north from I-44 to Willard
Relocation of U.S. 160 to continue from the intersection of FF and U.S. 60 to Highway 14 (using the North/South Corridor alignment)
Capacity improvements to State Route CC from NN/Pheasant intersection to U.S. 160
Railroad grade separation at Chestnut Expressway and U.S. 65


Map of Priorities of Regional Significance (pdf)


Springfield Future Visualization (video)
Nixa Future Visualization (video)
Ozark Future Visualization (video)
Republic Future Visualization (video)
Willard Future Visualization (video)
Strafford Future Visualization (video)
Battlefield Future Visualization (video)