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Maps, Plans and Publications

Nixa Final Draft Trail Investment Study

Approved Trail Alignment Map

Draft OTO Trail Investment Study

Proposed Nixa Trail Map

Annual List of Obligated Projects
Annual Listing of Obligated Projects FY 2018 (pdf)
Annual Listing of Obligated Projects FY 2017 (pdf)
Annual Listing of Obligated Projects FY 2016 (pdf)

Annual Listing of Obligated Projects FY 2015 (pdf)
Annual Listing of Obligated Projects FY 2014 (pdf)

Annual Listing of Obligated Projects FY 2013 (pdf)
Annual Listing of Obligated Projects FY 2012 (pdf)
Annual Listing of Obligated Projects FY 2011 (pdf)

Bicycle/Pedestrian Implementation Report FY2016 (pdf)
Bicycle/Pedestrian Implementation Report FY2015 (pdf)
Bicycle/Pedestrian Implementation Report FY2014 (pdf)

Bicycle/Pedestrian FY2014 Brochure (pdf)
Bicycle/Pedestrian Priorities Map (pdf)
Bicycle Pedestrian Facilities Existing and Proposed, Dec. 2011 (pdf)
Bicycle Pedestrian Implementation Report for FY2013 (pdf)
Bicycle Pedestrian Implementation Report for FY2012 (pdf)
Bicycle Pedestrian Implementation Report for FY2011 (pdf)
Bicycle Pedestrian Plan (CH 8 from Journey 2035) (pdf)

Board of Directors By-laws (pdf)
Technical Planning Committee By-laws (pdf)
Bicycle Pedestrian Advisory Committee By-laws (pdf)
Local Coordination Board for Transit By-laws (pdf)

Congestion Management System
Phase I (pdf)
Phase II (pdf)
Phase III (9.6MB pdf)
Congestion Management Process 2014 (32MB pdf)
Congestion Management Process 2017 (pdf)

Growth Trends

Growth Trends, December 2018 (pdf)
Growth Trends, December 2017 (pdf)

Growth Trends, December 2016 (pdf)

Growth Trends, December 2015 (pdf)
Growth Trends, December 2014 (pdf)
Growth Trends, December 2013 (pdf)
Growth Trends, December 2012 (pdf)

ITS Architecture files

Executive Summary (pdf)
Functional Requirements (pdf)
MoDOT Regional Agreements Summaries

   Federal-Aid Project Agreement ITS-0329(801) (pdf)
   FHWA Agreement ITS-0129(801) (pdf)
   FHWA Signed Agreement ITS-0029(801) (pdf)
   FHWA Signed Agreement ITS-0429(801) (pdf)
   Inter-Agency Agreement FY1999 (pdf)
   Inter-Agency Agreement FY2000 (pdf)
   Inter-Agency Agreement FY2001 (pdf)
   Inter-Agency Agreement FY2003 (pdf)
   Inter-Agency Agreement FY2004 (pdf)
MoDOT Regional Concept
   MoDOT Springfield Regional ITS Architecture update (pdf)
   MoDOT District 8 Springfield Concept (pdf)
MoDOT Stakeholder Inventory
   Stakeholders Report (pdf)
   Stakeholder Outreach Form (pdf)
   Defining the Regional Subsystems (pdf)
   Burlington Northern/Santa Fe Railway (pdf)
   Christian County-911 (pdf)
   Christian County Sheriff's Department (pdf)
   City of Branson (pdf)
   City of Lebanon (pdf)
   City of Nixa (pdf)
   City of Ozark (pdf)
   City of Republic (pdf)
   City of Springfield (pdf)
   City of Willard (pdf)
   City Utilities of Springfield-Transit (pdf)
   CityView Local Government Access Channel
   Cox Health Systems-EMS (pdf)
   Greene County Highway Department (pdf)
   Greene County Sheriff's Department (pdf)
   Local Television Station KSPR 33 (pdf)
   Local Television Station KY3 (pdf)
   Media Agencies (pdf)
   Missouri Department of Transportation (pdf)
   Missouri Highway Patrol (pdf)
   Missouri State University-Transit (pdf)
   Ozark Transportation Organization (pdf)
   Regional Market Packages (pdf)
   Southwest Missouri Council of Governments (SMCOG) (pdf)
   Springfield Fire Department (pdf)
   Springfield Police Department (pdf)
   Springfield-Greene County Emergency Communications-911 (pdf)
   Springfield-Greene County Office of Emergency Management (pdf)
   St. Johns Regional Health Systems-EMS (pdf)
   Stone County-911 (pdf)
   Taney County-911 (pdf)
   Western Taney County Fire District (pdf)
Project Meeting Summaries
   May 6, 2010 Agenda (pdf); Minutes (pdf)
   May 13, 2010 Agenda (pdf); Minutes (pdf)
   May 27, 2010 Agenda (pdf);  Minutes (pdf)
   June 3, 2010 Agenda (pdf); Minutes (pdf)
   June 25, 2010 Agenda (pdf)
Project Sequencing
   Project Sequencing Report (pdf)
Regional Architecture
   District 8 Springfield 2010 Turbo 4.1 final (9.5MB .tbo)
   Turbo 4.1.5 (54MB .exe)
   District 8 Springfield 2010 Turbo 5 final (10.1MB .tbo)   
   Turbo 5.0.7 (.exe)
   Turbo Standards Report (pdf)
System Project Inventory
   Project/System Deployment Inventory (pdf)

Bicycle/Pedestrian Priorities Map (pdf)
Priority Projects of Regional Significance map (pdf)
Major Thoroughfare Plan map (August 2018)
OTO Office Location and Parking Map (pdf)
Functional Classification maps, September 2012 (pdf)

OTO Urbanized Area map, FHWA Approved 1/16/2014 (pdf)
OTO MPO Metropolitan Planning Area map (1.5MB pdf)

Transit Maps

JARC Population Block Map (pdf)
JARC Route Daycare Education (pdf)
JARC Route Employment Map (pdf)
JARC Route Population Block Group Map (pdf)
JARC Route Public Housing (pdf)
Transit Poverty Population Map (pdf)
Transit Low Income Population Map (pdf)

Performance Measures
2018 Safety Targets (pdf)
2016 State of Transportation Report
2016 Performance Measures (pdf)

Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Program (pdf)
Social Media Policy
2017 Public Participation Plan (pdf)
     Executive Summary 2017 PPP (pdf)
OTO Sunshine Law/Records Retention Policy (pdf)
     Request for records form (docx)
Scribing Error Policy (pdf)
Reasonable Progress Requirements (pdf)
City Utilities Transit Service Analysis (pdf)
Federal Transit Administration (FTA) Contract Language (pdf)

Civil Rights

Title VI / ADA Program (pdf)
Notifying the Public of Rights under Title VI / ADA (pdf)
Title VI / ADA Policy and Complaint Procedure (pdf)
Title VI / ADA Complaint Form (pdf)
Limited English Proficiency Plan (LEPP) (pdf)
LEPP Español (pdf)
LEPP Public Notice (pdf)

Railroad Reconfiguration and Grade Separation
Study, Nov. 2006 (40.7MB pdf)

Funds Balance Report
Funds Balance Report September 2018 (pdf)
Funds Balance Report March 2018 (pdf)
Funds Balance Report September 2017 (pdf)
Funds Balance Report March 2017 (pdf)
Funds Balance Report September 2016 (pdf)
Funds Balance Report March 2016 (pdf)
Funds Balance Report, September 2015 (pdf)
Funds Balance Report, September 2014 (pdf)
Funds Balance Report, March 2014 (pdf)
Funds Balance Report, September 2013 (pdf)
Funds Balance Report, December 2012 (pdf)
STP-Urban Obligation Report, June 2012 (pdf)
STP-Urban Obligation Report, December 2011 (pdf)

Transportation Improvement Program (TIP)


Program Management Plan 2018 (approved) (pdf)
Transit Coordination Plan 2017 (pdf)
Transit Grant Compliance sessions (pdf)
Program Management Plan 2015 (approved) (pdf)
Transit Coordination Plan 2012 (pdf)
Transit Development Plan 2007 (pdf)

Ozarks Transportation Organization Transit Analysis Study
Regional Transit Study Madison Model (pdf)
Fixed Route Operations Analysis, April 2012 (4.6MB pdf)
Regional Service Analysis, April 2012 (pdf)
Transit presentation slides, May 2012 (pdf)
Transit presentation video, May 2012

Travel Demand Model
Travel Demand Model 2012 (pdf)

Unified Planning Work Program (UPWP)

UPWP FY 2019, ONEDOT Approved, April 2018
UPWP FY 2018, Amendment Two, February 15, 2018
UPWP FY 2018, Amendment One, October 19, 2017
UPWP FY 2018, Administrative Modification 1, June 2, 2017
UPWP FY 2018, ONEDOT Approved, May 8, 2017 (pdf)
UPWP FY 2017, Adminstrative Modification 2, June 2, 2017
UPWP FY 2017, Administrative Modification 1, May 2, 2017
UPWP FY 2017, Amendment Three, February 16, 2017 Approved (pdf)
UPWP FY 2017, Amendment Two, December 15, 2016 Approved (pdf)
UPWP FY 2017, Amendment One, October 20, 2016 Approved (pdf)
UPWP FY 2017, ONEDOT Approved, May 3, 2016 (pdf)
UPWP FY 2016, Amendment One ONEDOT Approved Oct. 2015 (pdf)
UPWP FY 2016, ONEDOT Approved, April 2015 (pdf)
UPWP FY 2015, ONEDOT Approved, Feb. 2015 (pdf)
UPWP FY 2015, ONEDOT Approved, May 2014 (pdf)
UPWP FY 2014, ONEDOT Approved, May 2013 (pdf)



Transportation Improvement Program (TIP)
Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP)
Major Thoroughfare Plan map (6.5MB pdf)

Map of Priorities of Regional Significance (pdf)