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Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP)

Transportation 2040 - The Plan
The Plan was originally approved at the August 18, 2016 Board of Directors Meeting.

Transportation Plan 2040: Long Range Transportation Plan
    Addopted by Board of Directors Aug. 18, 2016

    LRTP Executive Summary 2017
    Amendment One, 10/20/2017
Amendment Two, 2/16/2017
    Amendment Three, 4/20/2017
    Amendment Four, 4/20/2017
    Amendments Five, Six, and Seven, 6/15/2017
    Amendment Eight, 4/19/2018
    Amendment Nine, 8/16/2018

Design Standards
Design Standards (pdf)

Performance Measures
Performance Measures 2015 Report (pdf)
Performance Measures 2015 Infographic (pdf)
Performance Measures 2014 Report/Infographic (pdf)
Performance Measures 2013 Infographic (pdf)
Performance Measures 2013 Report (pdf)
Performance Measures 2012 Infographic (pdf)
Performance Measures 2012 Report (pdf)

Journey 2035 - The Plan
The Plan was approved at the December 15, 2011 Board of Directors Meeting and amended at the June 21, 2012 Board of Directors meeting.

In order to demonstrate the principles stated in the Plan, Ozarks Transportation Organization created visualizations showing the impacts improvements to the transportation system and surrounding land uses can have. One visualization was created for each Ozarks Transportation Organization municipal jurisdiction. Visualizations can be found here.

Journey 2035: Long Range Transportation Plan 2011,
  Plan Chapters and Appendixes
(17MB pdf)

    Executive Summary (11MB pdf)
    Amendment One (pdf)





Maps, Plans and Publications
Transportation Improvement Program (TIP)



Springfield Future Visualization (video)
Nixa Future Visualization (video)
Ozark Future Visualization (video)
Republic Future Visualization (video)
Willard Future Visualization (video)
Strafford Future Visualization (video)
Battlefield Future Visualization (video)