Board of Directors

Executive Committee

Dan Smith, Chair
Director of Public Works, City of Springfield

Ray Weter, Past Chair
Presiding Commissioner, Christian County

Travis Cossey, Secretary
Director of Planning and Development, City of Nixa

David Cameron, Treasurer
City Administrator, City of Republic

Bob Cirtin, Vice Chair
Presiding Commissioner, Greene County Commission

Brian Weiler
Director, Springfield-Branson National Airport

Steve Childers
City Administrator, City of Ozark

Other Voting Members

Greene County Commission
Harold Bengsch, Commissioner
Chris Coulter, Alternate

City of Springfield City Council
Jan Fisk, Mayor Pro Tem
Vacant, Councilman
Dan Smith, Director of Public Works, Alternate

City of Battlefield
Debra Hickey, Mayor

City of Nixa
Brian Steele, Mayor
Travis Cossey, Director of Planning, Alternate

City of Ozark
Rick Gardner, Mayor
Steve Childers, City Administrator, Alternate

City of Republic
Jeff Ussery, Mayor
David Cameron, City Administrator, Alternate

City of Strafford
Ashley French, Mayor
Steve Bodenhamer, City Administrator, Alternate

City of Willard
Corey Hendrickson, Mayor
Brad Gray, City Administrator, Alternate

City Utilities of Springfield
Skip Jansen, CU Transit Representative

Citizen-at-Large Representatives
Jerry Compton, OTO Appointed
James O'Neal, City of Springfield Appointed
Richard Walker, City of Springfield Appointed
Elise Crain, Christian County Appointed
John Elkins, Alternate

Non-Voting Members
Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT)
Travis Koestner, Southwest District Engineer
Andy Mueller, Alternate

Federal Transit Administration (FTA)
Mokhtee Ahmad
Daniel Nguyen, Alternates

Federal Highway Administration (FHWA)
Brad McMahon
Michael Latuszek, Alternate

Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)
Mark Schenkelberg




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Board of Directors
Technical Planning Committee (TPC)
Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Comm (BPAC)
Local Coordinating Board for Transit (LCBT)


Board of Directors By-laws (pdf)
Technical Planning Committee By-laws (pdf)
Bicycle/Pedestrian Advisory Comm By-laws (pdf)
Local Coord. Board for Transit By-laws (pdf)